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Nearest recreational facilities

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We are in a quiet location with free secure Parking. Close to various attractions of the city, the stadium "Trud". Also near the "Children's hospital" and the hospital "Catherine". You can not just relax and stroll around the city, but also improve your health in the best medical institutions of Krasnodar. Guests interested in sightseeing can begin right from the main entrance to the hotel "Platan" - near the entrance is a monument to people's artist of the USSR Clara Stepanovna Luchko, after 150-200 meters in a beautiful green alley You will see a majestic Army-ing Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, restored in 2005. Across the street from the Cathedral is the square. A. S. Pushkin library, a magnificent fountain near the building of Legislative Assembly of the territory, Catherine square and the monument to Catherine II and the concert hall of the Kuban Cossack choir on the street Red, 5. Nearby places:
  • Literary Museum of the Kuban (215 m),
  • Central concert hall (246 m),
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (263 m),
  • The monument to Catherine II (314 m),
  • Children's ballet theatre of Transience (673 m),
  • Krasnodar regional showroom of fine arts (783 m),
  • Musical theatre is THE Prime Minister (796 m),Krasnodar regional puppet theater (864 m),
  • Catherine's Cathedral (963 m),
  • Museum of military equipment, the Weapon of Victory (1.06 km).

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